My Private cove

84 degrees in the shade 86 degrees in the water

The warm breeze gets warmer for some reason as the sun fades

The sound of the single yet generous waterfall

Soothing sounds of tropical air and tree dwellers


The sand is pure and white and for some reason doesn’t stick to you

I look around and all i see is nature and natural organic chaotic order

The majesty of tropical hibiscus battling the ferns and palms for just a little more sun

This is the place that lives in my mind and gives me shelter from the storms


This is the first time i’ve had company here so let me show you

Let your mind bathe in the water …smell the minerals cleansing

This place is special though it does not physically bathe you

The magic happens once you are here and you lose your mind and come to your senses


This space that i’ve invited you to has no agenda and is void of pressure

Imagine laying on a bed of fairydust coddling your every contour

With a little bit of intentional breathing and conscious emptiness

My private space of rejuvenation welcomes your beautiful spirit

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